XC Tours

We offer XC tours including

  • South East Australia, Conargo Riverina flatlands, Alpine Bright and Corryong
  • North West USA, Washington with Chelan, Oregon with Woodrat and Pine Mountain
  • Macedonia, Krusevo
  • Bulgaria, Sopot

Where can we take you?

Australia, record breaking XC

Based at Conargo in the Riverina flatlands of southern New South Wales.

You know the potential here for long XC
You understand the importance of the robust equipment,  the right weather and the extensive retrieve when you get it right

Come on downunder and set some records, it’s full on

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Australia, Alice Springs

Based at Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Surrounded by the the MacDonnell ranges, the Simpson Desert to our east and Uluru to the west.

A winter adventure discovering XC  in the outback.

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Australia, Conargo flatlands tour

Based at Conargo in the Riverina flatlands of southern New South Wales. To our south the river Murray and Alpine Victoria with Bright and Corryong. To our north, east and west hundreds of km of open plain. Hot and dry with strong thermals, good wind and high cloud base.

Come on downunder and play, it’s full on

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USA Owens Valley, N Cal

Big air in the Owens Valley.

Hot, dry and notoriously big air at the height of the season in July. We are flying in September where the edge should be off each day but still a site for those pilots who understand and can make good decisions

We base at  Bishop and drive to the best sites for the day. Full transport and retrieve, oxygen recommended

Added bonus, Yosemite, eight wonder of the world is just 1h 30m drive away – not flyable but must be visited

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USA, North West, Chelan, Oregon, Golden

Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Idaho are all within range of this intensive XC marathon

No holds barred we drive to wherever we can XC. If Chelan is on we will be there, if Sun Valley is going off we will be there. Pine Mtn, Woodrat, Mt Shaster what ever it takes to turn circles and do some solid distance

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Macedonia, Krusevo

Home to Alexander the Great, always thought he was a Greek
Elephants paragliding over the Alps, only in Macedonia where the thermals are strong and wide or maybe Tuscany

We pick you up from Skopje and head straight to Krusevo and the  Pelagonian plains

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Bulgaria, Sopot

A remarkable country emerging from communism to play with capitalism
Wonderful people, excellent value and great XC

We pick you up from Sofia and head straight to Sopot
Take the chairlift to launch opening directly to extensive flatlands backed by a 100km ridge both east and west

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