Alpine sport tandem endorsement

The HGFA sport tandem endorsement entitles you to fly tandem with members of the public


  • Advanced HGFA rating and a current member
  • Have completed a minimum of 200 hours flying experience as pilot in command in aircraft of the type for which the endorsement is sought or have completed a minimum of 100 hours flying experience with a minimum of 500 flights as pilot in command in aircraft of the type for which the endorsement is sought

The endorsement runs in two parts

Part 1

  • Briefing and discussion
  • Theory exam
  • You will do a tandem flight as a passenger followed by a further flight with you as pilot in command. There may be more flights as passenger where necessary to demonstrate competency

You then need to do a minimum of 15 logged tandem flights with a pilot(s) who holds a Paragliding Pilot Certificate, supervised, intermediate or advanced

Part 2

  • Check flights with a tandem instructor demonstrating all skills necessary for safe operation including launches in varying wind conditions, emergency response during flight and landings on foot within 30 meters of a designated spot

Some of the skills and topics discussed include:

  • Passenger comfort
  • Wing loading
  • Abort procedures
  • Mandatory equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Landing approaches
  • Abort procedures
  • Legal responsibilities


For three pilots, excluding the 15 logged tandem flights flights each

If we provide vehicle, driver and tandem equipment – $520 per pilot
If we provide vehicle and tandem equipment, you provide the driver – $450 per pilot
If we provide tandem equipment, you provide the vehicle (3 pax minimum) and driver – $380 per pilot
If you provide certified and current tandem equipment, driver and vehicle (3 pax minimum) – $270 per pilot

This costing allows for 3 flights with the tandem instructor, 2 before your 15 flights and 1 check flight following
If we require more than 3 flights there is a cost of $55 per additional check flight plus vehicle and driver hire, plus tandem gear rental

Rental for the tandem gear (glider, tandem reserve, tandem harness and tandem pax harness) for the 15 logged tandem flights would be at $30 per flight, your cost for any damage to wing or equipment

Typically a group of 3 pilots could provide a vehicle and a driver as one of the three would be free to drive for the Part 1 and Part 2
For the 15 logged flights you could fly each other with the spare pilot driving each time

Clinic calendar

If you cannot see a date that suits you or there is a clinic scheduled and you are not sure if you are suitable for it then don’t be shy, contact us to talk it thru

Alpine tow endorsement

This clinic delivers all the requirements for a tow endorsement Pilots will have the opportunity to fly Mystic during the clinic
When: Fri January 26
Where: Bright, Victoria, Australia

Aussie flatlands XC Tour

A specialised towing event looking for long distance across the aussie riverina plains of southern NSW
Daily rates, singles or groups
When: Tue January 30 - Fri February 2

Flatland XC, long distance

XC flying across the NSW plains for experienced pilots looking to fly longer distances
Centred around the Riverina plains
Daily rate available
When: Sat February 3 - Wed February 7

Alpine Thermalling and XC, more advanced

Refine your thermalling skills and develop your advanced XC techniques
Explore the mountains and valleys around Bright
When: Sat March 3 - Mon March 5

Alpine Thermalling and XC, 3 day

An introduction to thermalling and initial XC around the Bright mountains and valleys
When: Sat March 10 - Tue March 13

Alpine Thermalling and XC

A introduction to thermalling and initial XC around the Bright mountains and valleys
When: Sat March 24 - Mon March 26

Alpine Thermalling and XC, 2 day

An introduction to thermalling and initial XC around the Bright mountains and valleys
When: Sat April 7 - Sun April 8

SIV - Victoria

Build confidence in your wing and your reactions
When: Sat April 28 - Tue May 1

Alpine tow endorsement

A tow endorsement clinic from Bright, good for SIV preparation
There will be time to get to Mystic for some Alpine flying during the clinic
When: Sat May 5 - Sun May 6

SIV, Victoria

Build confidence in your wind and your reactions
When: Sat May 19 - Tue May 22



To book please check the dates of your event then contact us via the Enquiries page.
Be sure to let us know the dates you are interested in
We will then follow up with you to be sure we have you on the right event

If you have any questions call on +61 (0)417 530972 or skype to brianmwebb


Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal

Bank transfer
Bendigo Bank: BSB 633 000
Account name: XCkms
Account number: 122842537

Regret this bears a 2% addition to cover administration costs
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Why us

Why clinic with XCkms

  • Expert guides with demonstrable experience
  • Extensive local knowledge of sites and meteorology
  • Tandem instruction where appropriate
  • Comfortable 4WD vehicles with GPS, tablet, SMS and SPOT facilities
  • Dedicated retrieve drivers
  • Briefing facilities including whiteboard, big screen video replay, tracklog projection and WiFi