The pre-clinic information and preparation with you set the tone for the course; gave me a clear idea of what to expect; and helped me to understand how I could get the most out of the clinic. I particularly liked our Skype conversation and the opportunity to get to know you a little bit before arriving in Bright, as well as the early emphasis on goal-setting. The organisation over the three days couldn’t have been better, I felt that we squeezed every ounce of value out of each day. They were pretty long days actually and I couldn’t believe you were prepared to spend 12-13hrs a day with us to get through everything – that was so far above my expectations. I really appreciated Barb as well, she is a very relaxed person who added a great vibe to the group – very supportive and always positive. The van is the perfect size – ideal to have everyone in the same vehicle to chat and continue with course work etc. I know Barb would prefer to be flying but she has retrieving down to a fine art and was there waiting for me each day when I hit the deck, which I really appreciated. The course material is fantastic and has provided me with a framework to continue driving my own development. I found the interactive nature of the course to be excellent – with the onus constantly being put on the pilot to think things through for themselves and answer their own questions, rather than providing the ‘quick and easy’ answer. Putting the tracklogs up on the light-pro was also fantastic. I never imagined I would learn so much in 4 days – definitely pushed me towards my limit at times which is exactly what I wanted from the course and it has provided me with the tools to do what I want to do in paragliding Overall the clinic exceeded my wildest expectations – if the flying had been half as good I would still have walked away feeling like I had learnt/gained a lot. Absolutely incredible value for money. I know that you have been paragliding since Moses was in short shorts, however from the outset you instilled confidence with your knowledge of the weather and conditions, your communication was excellent (both in-flight and in the classroom) and I absolutely believed that we could expect great flights during the course flying with you – and you delivered! I also really enjoyed flying with you. And the insight it provided into the flying culture in Bright – you guys have something really fantastic down there, you have managed to strike the fine balance where pilots are striving to ‘compete’ with one another while still wishing each other the best for good flights. I loved the positivity of the calling on the radio to assist one another in flight, I loved the system of rating the conditions 1-2-3 to give people an opportunity to speak up if they weren’t comfortable, I loved that the course covered everything from weather, to route setting, to post flight analysis, climbing, safety – I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The passion that you have for flying is totally inspirational and your dedication to improving yourself as a pilot has provided me with a benchmark. I absolutely fell in love with Bright, what an amazing place to fly. If you had told me on 1 January this year, when I signed off on my restricted licence, that I would be chasing the kind of flights that we did on those three days I would NEVER have believed it. Thank you very, very much – I am the happiest pilot in Australia right now 😉
Thermalling and XC Clinic