Flatlands, record breaking

Based at Conargo in the Riverina flatlands of southern New South Wales.

You know the potential here for long XC
You understand the importance of the right weather, the right support equipment,and the extensive retrieve when you get it right


  • Are experts at towing and retrieving
  • Have multiple reliable tow winches
  • Have vehicles and experienced drivers
  • Know the area, we know the weather you are looking for to get those big flights
  • Know the paperwork you need to be sure you don’t  lose that record because of administration stuff ups
  • Can supply VHF radios, VHF endorsements, tow endorsements and oxygen gear and endorsements

We operate these long distance events in December and January

Come on downunder and play, it’s full on


How do we set up our GPS

Your GPS should be set to a coordinate system of degrees.degrees (d.ddddd)

If you want to keep an useful tracklog you should be taking tracklog points every second, depending on the storage capacity of your GPS unit

How much luggage can I take into Australia on an International flight?

Check with your airline but flights from the US often allow 32kg of checked luggage. Europeans may not be so fortunate.

Where can I get camping gear, do I have to bring it over?

I buy once I get to Australia – for camping consider BCF  – a good size 4 person tent for circa Aus $80 – you can get pillows, stretchers (cots), pots, camping stoves. Recommend a 4 person tent to give you lots of room, enough for the stretcher and all your gear

I would suggest bringing your own sleeping bag if you have a good one, it’s easy enough to squash into the glider bag

We can pull over at BCF after the pickup from the airport

How does the retrieve system work?
  • All pilots need a clear inflight radio communications system (we can work with you to help you get this properly sorted out), a GPS and a cell phone.
  • We all fly from the same site each day, as you fly you routinely radio to the retrieve driver your GPS position based on bearing, height and distance from launch . If they have not heard from you frequently enough they will ask you for updates. We can find you based on this information alone
  • A  SPOT or Delorme satellite GPS tracking system is mandatory. This unit will transmit your coordinates via satellite (does not need cell phone coverage) to our driver. We can also track you whilst you are flying. We can rent you one if you give us notice
  • When you land you use your tracker to send your GPS coordinates to the retrieve driver
  • You will need to land or walk to a vehicle accessible road, we will not haul you out of dense bush. Remember a good looking track may have locked gates so be smart and focus on landing beside paved (sealed)roads.
  • The retrieve driver has a vehicle based GPS that will accept your coordinates and guide the driver to you, they also have maps of the area
Where can I get a cell phone?

You can use your own phone with international roaming or rurally Telstra have the best network. Check out Telstra prepaid,

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Tour calendar

If you cannot see a date that suits you or there is an event scheduled and you are not sure if you are suitable for it then don’t be shy, contact us to talk it thru

There are no events to display



To book please check the dates of your event then contact us via the Enquiries page.
Be sure to let us know the dates you are interested in
We will then follow up with you to be sure we have you on the right event

If you have any questions call on +61 (0)417 530972 or skype to brianmwebb


Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal

Bank transfer
Bendigo Bank: BSB 633 000
Account name: XCkms
Account number: 122842537

Regret this bears a 2% addition to cover administration costs
Please pay to webbie@XCkms.com

Local XContest flights

Check out the average speeds and routine 200km+ flights on XContest

Why us

Why clinic with XCkms

  • Expert guides with demonstrable experience
  • Extensive local knowledge of sites and meteorology
  • Tandem instruction where appropriate
  • Comfortable 4WD vehicles with GPS, tablet, SMS and SPOT facilities
  • Dedicated retrieve drivers
  • Briefing facilities including whiteboard, big screen video replay, tracklog projection and WiFi


The tours have a maximum of 4 pilots per winch
Daily rates are available

What does the tour cover?

  • Extensive local knowledge of sites and meteorology
  • Daily weather briefs, route recommendations
  • Comfortable vehicles with coordinate capable GPS
  • Transport from and to Melbourne airport
  • Transport to the sites each day
  • Dedicated retrieve driver
  • Full retrieve
  • Laptop friendly, I need my laptop and connectivity to be able to get the best from each day, I understand how important it may be for you

Where we can go