We offer a range of Thermalling, Cross Country (XC) and Competition Skills Development clinics focused on Bright, Corryong, Conargo and Canungra

Your time is precious, these clinics focus on ensuring you get a quality return for the time you invest with us

Our clinics will help you fly further, longer and develop your core skills

  • We will challenge your thinking in many aspects of your flying
  • We will help you to improve
  • We will give you the tools to continue self improving

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Build confidence in your wing and your reactions
Be ready to cope with the challenges of thermalling and XC 

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Alpine thermalling and XC, 2 day

We are including a 2 day thermalling and XC clinic into our calendar
As with all our courses it will only run if the weather is looking promising, we do a weather check 2 days before then confirm , postpone or refund the clinic. 
The clinic will include:
  • Guided XC flying with our pilot
  • Course notes
  • Thermalling and XC lore and technique
  • Extensive pre brief and debrief
  • Full 4WD transport and retriEVe

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Alpine thermalling and XC, 3 day

Want to master these tricky thermals?

Is it time to stretch your legs and get away from launch?

We offer a carefully guided introduction to the art of thermalling and XC, helping you to climb then guiding you along on your initial cross country adventures

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Starred Photos

Alpine XC, more advanced

You can thermal, you have flown XC, isn’t it amazing!!

You can thermal better,  you can fly further

We can help you to improve these core inland skills

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Alpine tandem XC, pilot with pilot

An Alpine XC tandem flight with Brian Webb or Andrew Horchner
Hands on flying with one of the most experienced local pilots.

An opportunity to share in the decision making that helps better XC.
Experience how another pilot considers the day, how he decides which direction to fly and what he looks for in the clouds, on the ground and in the air.

Participate in thermic conditions, experience a spiral, perhaps a deliberate collapse, ask all the questions you can think off.

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Alpine tow endorsement

A towing endorsement clinic based in Bright

All theory and practical delivered. Particularly suitable for pilots seeking an endorsement for SIV boat towing rather than flatlands XC

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Flatland tow endorsement with thermalling

An authentic flatland tow clinic based at Conargo

The HGFA tow endorsement with the opportunity of some practical thermalling and XC

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Flatland XC safari

You already know how to tow

Now we start putting some height and distance together to reap the rewards of the flatlands

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9748_Wokenstrasse_mit_Aufwind_haelt_sich_nicht_an_einzige_Landstrasse (1)

Competitions, an introduction

Comps are great fun and very good value
They will dramatically improve your flying and your XC

We can help you take the fullest advantage of your first competitions

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Competitions, advanced, getting seriously serious

The difference between the top pilots is regularly measured in seconds rather than minutes

Staying in a climb one turn too long can leave you 200 metres behind
A momentary loss of concentration can lose you that line in your climb leaving you 30m lower
Pilots taking better energy lines on glide putting them 100m higher when you both get to the next source
Gliding at the wrong speed for the atmosphere that your occupying leaves your glide position seriously lacking
Equipment poorly prepared for the day, glider out of trim, harness at the wrong angle, instruments not clearly visible can lose you minutes

Add all these together and it can represent an overwhelming amount of concentration over the 2 to 3 hours of a typical task. Concentration is linked to physical fitness, mental condition, fatigue, hydration and diet. If you can focus longer than your follow competitor then you are more likely to make consistently better tactical decisions

How can we move forward to manage all these better?

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