Flatland, daily XC details

When we are operating from the flatlands we offer a daily XC service

Pilots are able to fly long distances, excellent but this can incur significant costs for retrieve. With the 250km+ flights we are often not back until midnight, some times 2 or 3 in the morning.  This represents very variable costs for fuel and drivers. We have sought to find a costing model that fairly covers how far and for how long we drive retrieve for you

  • Each tow is  $30
  • A facility fee of $200 divided between the pilots flying with us that day
  • The retrieve cost is  distributed between the pilots flying that day
    • The Retrieve cost is the retrieve vehicle fuel cost * 2 + $20 per hour for the driver, we can use your vehicle if you prefer

The group can choose whether

  • The cost is evenly distributed between pilots in the group
  • Distributed depending on where we pick them up pilots from, ie the further a pilot flies then the more of the retrieve cost they bear

All pilots require current HGFA membership and tow endorsement

Late nights
A long, late retrieve puts pressure on the driver and the pilots. The roads from dusk thru the night are regularly crossed by kangaroos and emus. This makes driving either slow or dangerous.  Getting back to Deni at 2am without getting a good dinner and little sleep is very wearing on the group

If the retrieve vehicle will not get back to Conargo by midnight after picking up the pilots then the driver reserves the right to overnight at a motel, leaving at dawn the next day to be back for any potential flying. The cost of the motel for the driver will be covered by the pilots in the retrieve vehicle