Winton, N Qld

Winter XC

Winton, North Queensland, 9 thru 23 August, 2021

Tough 12 months, perhaps more to come but tis good to plan for the future

We will be in Winton, N Qld from the 9 Aug thru to the 23 Aug, we will have 2 winches, more if we need them. Winton has been picked out because of the prevailing south easterlies and the road to Julia Creek. Perhaps not the easiest place to get to, but you will have fun planning your way there

We want to do XC, the winter days will be short but the thermals should be good

we can offer

  • 7 day $900 package of tows and retrieves, the package includes a $60 discount for any days we don’t fly
  • 10 tows for $450 per pilot, you sort out your own retrieves 

The event is open to PG2, PG3, PG4 and PG5
We can help with a tow endorsement if you have not towed before
We can also offer

  • VHF and oxygen endorsements
  • PG2 thru PG5 exam study sessions
  • Learn to drive tow

Please register here

Travel planning
Longreach is the nearest airport, a couple of hours from Winton.
Townsville perhaps the cheapest airport to fly into to but then a long drive, 6 hours or so
As we firm up who is coming along there will be an opportunity for you to pool for car hire and rides to help get to and from our Winton base

Winton is a modest township with a pub, motel and campgrounds

Do I need a radio – yes, UHF with SAFA frequencies. Airband if you have one
Do I need a satellite tracker – yes, Inreach or SPOT, regret Skylines is not good enough for the remote area we will be flying
Do I need a tow endorsement – no, with prior arrangement we can teach you to tow
Do I need a tow bridle – let us know if you need one
Can I bring family and friends – of course
Does the sky always look like this